Innovative ways the world fosters entrepreneurship (10 Part Series)

A structural framework of idea commercialization has the power to transform today’s innovators into dependable employers, the engine of a healthy economy, faster than before. In the following blog-series, we will investigate the validated strategies that publicly responsible entities use to foster the commercialization of new ideas, particularly in technology.
Some of these policy tools are created to attract, reward and develop technology talent. Others aim to incentivise investment into research & development. The more recent strategies focus on strengthening access to new markets and collaboration with traditional industries. We cover the importance of:
  • Digital literacy
  • Business acumen
  • Global Networks
  • Access to talent
  • Access to funding
  • Government Procurement
  • Removal of barriers to entry
  • Solution-based collaboration platforms
  • Encouragement of scientific excellence
  • Engaging corporations to support startups

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