1. Coding is the Writing of the 21s t Century

Like the printing press revolutionised human communication in the 15th century, so has technology, making programming the core competency of the 21st century. Why is coding important?
  • We have heard it be said time and time again; there will develop two kinds of people – those who tell computers what to do, and those who are told by computers what to do.
  • As the collection of traditional jobs are transmuting into a digital age workforce, every single sector will be need programmers.
  • When our lives are surrounded by machines, not understanding even the basics of how they operate leaves one vulnerable as a small class of tech literate people swoop up the highest salaries and create the underlying digital narrative that leads the world.
  • Programming allows one to create virtually anything, thereby creating real value and tangible solutions by one’s ingenuity and dedication.
  • Not every founder of a startup needs to be a programmer. In fact, often successful startups have one technical and one non- technical co-founder to succeed. But knowing even only the basics will add a tremendous advantage to any business one is developing.

Governments all around the world are recognising the urgency of supporting digital and code literacy for young people. A surprising strategy by some has been to offer learn-to-code vouchers and scholarships to the homeless/disadvantaged and those showing success receive internships at partner companies. Code is everywhere. By learning it, you can participate the real global conversation and develop any solution you deem valuable for a better future.

Here are some examples of how governments collaborate with industry to teach their citizens to code:
There are also numerous specific coding initiatives for those with higher barriers to entry into the world of technology.
But nothing beats the excellent free learn to code courses online. Anyone, including you, can learn to code for free by visiting :
The truth is, anybody can learn to code. It’s not some arcane science requiring an expensive college degree. It’s a skill that can be taught in as little as five months to anybody with the desire to learn. And, like reading and writing, we need to see programming as a civil right. Everybody should share equally in the opportunity to benefit from the digital economy.

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